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Concerts in Versailles

Louis XIV Tercentenary 1715 - 2015

A cycle of the most significant works by Court composers, from Lully to Lalande and Campra, from Charpentier to the musics for Saint-Cyr to celebrate the King of Arts in Versailles. Also the revival of the first Opera performed in Paris (Orfeo by Rossi in 1647) and the famous Royal Night Ballet (1653), where the young Louis XIV aged fifteen danced the role of The Sun for the first time.

On stage, a performance of Armide, Lully’s timeless masterpiece and testament and of Monsieur de Pourceaugnac directed by William Christie, while Leçons des Ténèbres, Requiem(s) and Te Deums will be played in the Chapelle Royale.

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The death of kings: requiems for the kings of France

At the same time as the exhibition Le Roi est Mort (The King is Dead), a cycle of the great funeral music works of the French Court, from Queen Marie-Thérèse d’Autriche (Charpentier 1683) to Louis XV (Gilles 1774), with three events: the re-creation by Raphaël Pichon of Louis XIV’s Funeral Music (1715), mainly composed by Lalande; a dual performance by Hervé Niquet: Cherubini’s resounding Requiem in Memory of Louis XVI and the one in Memory of Marie-Antoinette commissioned by Louis XVIII from Charles-Henri Plantade for the 30th anniversary of the Queen’s death. They will all be performed on  January 21, the anniversary of King Louis XVI’s death;  finally, Sigismund Neukomm’s Requiem played in memory of Louis XVI at the Vienna Congress in 1814.

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Weekend "in the time of Louis XIV", 4-6 December at La Philharmonie of Paris

As part of the weekend, " In the time of Louis XIV " (from December 6 to 8) , discover a selection of concerts of the court music, and performances on period instruments of the Music Museum.

Lully, Couperin and Charpentier punctuated each day musical agenda of the monarch : discover the programmation.

Also enjoy a playlist of video available for free concerts.

Live Saturday, December 5th at 4 pm, Olivier Beaumont will play the music of François Couperin's harpsichord to the 1652 Couchet Museum of music!

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