Lucien Bély is a Professor of Modern History at the Paris-Sorbonne University (Paris IV). Part of his research has been devoted to the history of international relations and diplomacy: Espions et ambassadeurs au temps de Louis XIV (Spies and ambassadors at the time of Louis XIV) (Fayard, 1990), Les Relations internationales en Europe XVIIe-XVIIIe siècles (International relations in Europe in the 17th – 18th century) (PUF, 1992), la Société des princes (The society of princes) (Fayard, 1999), L’Art de la paix en Europe. Naissance de la diplomatie moderne, XVIe-XVIIIe siècle (The art of peace in Europe. The birth of modern diplomacy, 16th – 18th century) (PUF, 2007). He contributed to lHistoire de la diplomatie française (The history of French diplomacy) (Perrin, 2005) and co-authored le Dictionnaire des ministres des Affaires étrangères (The dictionary of the ministries of foreign affairs) (Fayard, 2005). His also focused on 17th and 18th century France and supervised the publication of le Dictionnaire de l’Ancien Régime (The dictionary of the Ancien Régime) (PUF, 1996). In 2005 he published Louis XIV, le plus grand roi du monde (Louis XIV, the world’s greatest king) (Gisserot), in 2009, La France au XVIIe siècle. Puissance de l’Etat, contrôle de la société (17th century France. State power, control of society) (PUF) and, in 2013, Les Secrets de Louis XIV. Mystères d’État et pouvoir absolu (The secrets of Louis XIV. State mysteries and absolute power) (Tallandier). In 2011 he supervised along with Géraud Poumarède the publication of a collection of articles, l’Incident diplomatique (The diplomatic incident) (Pedone). In September 2015 le Dictionnaire Louis XIV (the Louis XIV dictionary) that he supervised was published (Robert Laffont- Bouquins).

Jean-Pierre Cartier, born in 1944, combine of history and geography, is emeritus professor at Lycée Hoche of Versailles. Member of the CaSa association, he worked in several monographs on the Notre Dame Cathedral. Currently, he performs the master function of the ceremonies of the cathedral.

Mathieu da Vinha, doctor in modern history, is a research engineer and scientific director of the Palace of Versailles' research center. He is also the author of Alexandre Bontemps, premier valet de chambre de Louis XIV (2011), and Le Versailles de Louis XIV (2009). In 2015, he published to Tallandier editions, Au service du roi, dans les coulisses de Versailles.

Helene Delalex is attached to the Palace of Versailles’s conservation, in charge of carriage’s collection. She teaches, in parallel, history of art at the Sorbonne University and she is the author of several books including Un jour avec Marie-Antoinette, published at Editions Flammarion, and Louis XIV intime, published at Editions Galimard (October 8 2015).

Étienne Faisant is Doctor in History of Art, specialised in architecture and its décors at the end of the Middle Ages and in modern times. A post-doctoral student at the "Pasts in the Present" research centre working on the digitisation project for the château, gardens and museum of Saint-Germain-en-Laye. He recently published an article on the first works conducted by Catherine de’ Medici in the gardens of Chenonceaux.

Alexandre Maral, Curator in chief at the Palace of Versailles, where he was responsible for collections of sculpture and deputy director of the research center. He has recently published, at Perrin editions, Les derniers jours de Louis XIV, coedition Palace of Versailles - Perrin, 2014, Le roi, la cour et Versailles : le coup d'éclat permanent and Versailles côté ville, côté jardins (at Lepassage editions)

Rémi Mathis, curator at the French National Library, in charge of engraving of the XVII century and editor in chief of Nouvelles de l'estampe. Images du Grand Siècle, Paris, BnF, 2015

Thierry Sarmant is Head Curator at the Carnavalet Museum and has published several books on Louis XIV and his times, including: Régner et gouverner : Louis XIV et ses ministres (with Mathieu Stoll, Perrin, 2010), Louis XIV homme et roi (Tallandier, 2012) and Louis XIV : l’univers du roi-soleil (with Alexandre Maral, Tallandier, 2014). He recently published 1715. La France et le monde (Editions Perrin).

Vanessa Selbach, curator at the French National Library, head of ancient engraving and of the reserve, Images du Grand Siècle, Paris, BnF, 2015.

Ronal Virag is surgeon, member of the National Academy of Surgery

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